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A crisp freshness and a design attitude that expels flamboyance introduces the design label “Varun Nidhika”.

Varun and Nidhika established their label in 2010 withstanding a vision of individuality and strong dose of personal style statements.

The brand stays close to trends but interprets them a little differently, and a little privately. Detail oriented, with color, craft and texture as their forte, they experiment with Indian embroideries and textiles. The Brand is deep rooted to Indian bonds, ranging from architecture to books, culture to their own travel experiences. It explores these possibilities into specific textile textures or ornamentation, which is Brand’s area of specialization.

The Brand primarily caters to the Occasion Wear Segment of the Indian Luxury Fashion. It believes in intimate attention to all aspects of the making process. The sensuality of fabric against the skin is important to thebrand. The usage of pure fabrics, High quality material and trims along with hi quality stitching helps bring the finesse in the brand’s offerings.

Their style of working is inseparable from their design ethos. The Brand believes in striking a balance in the entire process, working in sync through all their process of planning, designing, marketing and retailing. It’s process is attentive to a holistic creation right from the fabric cruising the silhouette to the feel of the texture; the finishing of seams to the placement of embroidery.

Varun Nidhika’s collections are characterised by their intelligent, thoughtful, and often classic, approach to clothing and fashion. Their use of pattern, textures and embellishments is a recognizable aesthetic. Personal connection is the very quintessence of their work and plays a major role in understanding the mood of their design. The Brand relates to their customers and buyers. Their design realm brings to the fore front, details and visual play.

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